3 Fantastic Ways for Advertising In 2016

Written by: Conor Finnegan


If you want your business to be successful in today’s market, then one thing is for sure, you need to know how to advertise! As technology is ever changing, here are some methods that are fantastic ways to advertise a small business in 2016.

Social Media Advertising

It’s simple.....Social Media has become too good of an advertising platform for business to ignore. And this certainly will not change in 2016. There are many out there that are very sceptical of social media platforms but they really are a must in 2016! And Facebook beats them all. It is a great and simple way to engage directly with your customers, and in terms of audience reach, it is the easiest and cheapest form of advertising.

Through Facebook, there are ways you can pay for a sponsored ad which can promote your pages likes, link people to your website or promote a direct post to get more exposure, and these have worked for us on the past. The best way to think of Facebook sponsored ads is to think of a simplified version of Google Adwords. Facebook allows your company to specifically target audience groups based on a range of demographics such as age, gender and location. With the ability to add images and videos to your ads this gives you a big advantage as people will be exposed to your brand even if they don’t click on the advert. But its important for small companies not to focus on sponsored ad and instead focus on posting relevant and engaging content to grow their page organically.

Get your friends to like and promote your page, link your page to relevant groups and other companies around you, share relevant content, host some competitions and give users a reason to like and promote your company, but most importantly engage with your customers and be there to help them with any queries. The more effort you put into your social media pages, the more you will get back from them.

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Outdoor Advertising

Print advertising is by no means dead and buried, it is very much alive and should be seriously embraced in 2016. Print Advertising is a fantastic way to promote your company’s brand to a wider target audience and it comes at a very cost affective comparison compared to other methods of advertising.

Not all traditional print advertising will be as valuable in 2016 as they once were before, such as newspaper advertisements, but many other forms of print advertising such as leaflets, business cards, posters and vouchers will all have a strong hold catching your target markets eyes. And best of all these are much cheaper alternatives to newspaper advertising.

Other forms of print advertising such as banners, pop-up displays and sidewalk displays are perfect for promoting brand recognition or a discount/promotion for your business as they are exposed to a large number of customers such as commuters on a busy road or walkers-by. This form of advertising has also promotes word of mouth advertising for your company. Check out vehicle graphics as well!

Outdoor Advertising Sign Waterproof

Vehicle Graphics

Our final method which is predicted to have great results in 2016 is Vehicle Graphics. There are a lot of big and small companies that are using vehicle graphics and this is a very smart way of advertising as people are seeing your brand without having to go look for it. It helps to promote your company in your local community or anywhere you drive, it simply is “advertising on the go!”

We see them day by day on the roads, lorries, vans, food trucks, florists, electricians, the list goes on. The business all benefit from vehicle advertising as they are showing the public their brand as well as contact details. If you are out on the road a lot due to the nature of your work then vehicle graphics will act as the perfect mobile advertisement which will be seen by your target locations on a daily basis.

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