9 Trendy, Modern fonts to get you through 2021!

Written by: David Elliott


Here at Instant Print, we are welcoming in the New Year with some interesting and modern fonts that we've chosen after carrying out our research and exploring different ways of bringing our designs to life!

There are lots of exciting, new fonts out there that we'd like to mention but of course it goes without saying there are many others that deserve a shout out such as Helvetica Neue - The classic Helvetica font of course being the old favourite, however this font is a more reformed version with a more unified structure of widths and heights. 

Sans-Serif fonts such as Proxima Nova and Avenir are still on our popular list - the kind of fonts that we always seem to resort back to when we need something that is clear, bold and simple. I think it's safe to say these types of fonts will always remain on the 'yes list'.

Now on to our list of trendy fonts we've carefully picked for 2021.


9 Trendy, Modern fonts to get you through 2021!

1. PierSans - Modern and Bold Font

We are loving this font in 2021 at the minute as it screams modern and bold. We particularly love its typography structure - designed in a way to show off its simplicity in either small or large sizes.

Isn't it annoying sometimes when you find a font you like but when either increased or decreased in size, it changes its appearance dramatically?! With this fonts' slightly off geometric style, it is sure to be a common pleaser and fit in with everyday designs!

PierSans Font

2. Quiche Sans - Classic Sans-Serif

This is one were really excited about in 2021! This high-contrast sans-serif font displays a mixture of fine lines, stroke endings, angled stems and geometric proportions. We believe this font is a great modern take on our classic serif fonts.

This unique font has a variation of different weights and layouts - allowing us to design a wider array of designs and experiences!

Quiche Sans font

3. Arkhip Regular - Font with a Russian Twist

Again, we are very excited about this unique font which is also free! The individual letterforms are so stunning and display beautiful lettering in both the small and large uppercase sizes.

This font has a Russian twist to it which makes it stand out both digitally and for print. A great font to use for branding, stationery and logo artwork.

Arkhip Regular font

4. Zattoya - Handwritted Lettering

Script fonts have become even more popular over the coming years and in 2021 we see lots of trending 'handcrafted, authentic' feeling fonts such as this stunning one!

With its soft flowing lettering, it is the perfect font suited for stationery and branding. We also see this font as a perfect suiting for brand packaging and online websites.

Zattoya font

5. Roger & Lavienna - Geometric Perfection

This particular font is one of our favourites in our top list for 2021! It displays such a classic and modern feel with interesting features such as the connecting fine lines between letters and its geometric shaping.

A perfect font to show off new branding, presentations or artwork projects. It will be sure to stand out and get recognised.

Roger Lavienna font

6. Avone - Unique edge with Stencil Font

Another stylish, modern serif font that we've been loving so far in 2021! This interesting font comes in two styles; regular and stencil. The stencil style gives the font its unique edge - perfect for branding and large type typography.

We are loving the large round points on certain letters - super modern and fun!

Avone font

7. Kate - Luxury in a Font

This beautiful, elegant font is everything we've wished for in 2021! Its lettering is inspired by the world of luxury and we can see why. The font type comes in various font weights, awesome ligatures, numerals and many alternates.

This is the perfect font for branding, elegant packaging or simply on business cards.

Kate font

8. Quixote - Typography with a Modern Feel

This beautiful serif font is such a classic and we had to mention it in our 2021 favourites! The font delivers a unique typography style in its lettering allowing it to stand out and hold its own!

It has a modern feel with its playful twist on popular serif fonts already out there! We can see this looking great in branding and logo designs.

Quixote font

9.  Gorgone - Versatile, Elegant and Luxurious

And finally the last on our list is Gorgone - a beautifully versatile serif font displaying an abundance of elegance and luxury. This font looks equally exciting in lower and upper case - perfect for headlines, logotype, advertising, packaging etc.

Gorgone font

So there you have it! Our top 9 list of trendy, Modern fonts we are absolutely loving in 2021!

No doubt this list will expand as the months go on!