5 Ways to Combine Print and Digital Marketing

Written by: Conor Finnegan


Print and Digital Marketing are two very powerful tools when it comes to advertising for a Business. But by learning how to collaborate the two methods together, you can create a louder and more powerful and form of advertising. Combining Print Marketing and Digital Marketing can definitely become a winning formula for any company, the key is to combine the two platforms with the right harmony to complement each other.

Below, we have listed 5 different ways on how print marketing and digital marketing are more powerful tools when put together.

1. Direct Marketing with Flyers / Leaflets

Flyers & Leaflets are one of the cheapest forms of direct marketing. They are a canvas that allows you to communicate, advertise, advise, and connect with customers, companies or fan bases. A colourful and striking flyer / leaflet is always a great way to catch the eye of your audience, but it is also important to have a clear function of what you want the flyer to tell the viewer. All marketing print material should have a strong call-to-action to encourage existing and potential customers to visit your website or social media channels. A good way to link your print to digital is by adding special URLs or even QR codes to the flyer to help promote website conversions.

2. Encourage Customers with Business Cards

High Quality Eye-Catching Business Cards are an essential forefront to any business! So it is important to make an impression that counts. They help to set the tone for your company, not just to make an important first impression to customers, but to create a long lasting one too. Business Cards are a simple marketing method to encourage people to engage further with your company, but it is important to show them that you are human too. People don’t like doing business with companies, they like doing business direct with people, so add at least one social media profile to your card and show potential customers you want to engage with them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn, your business card will provide an excellent opportunity to invite potential customers to connect with you online via social media.

3. Direct-Mail Postcards

Celebration Cards are a cheap and simple method of business advertising, the perfect platform for promotional items, notifying clients of upcoming attractions, season greetings, invitations or company announcements. A powerful integrated marketing strategy is to promote your company website or social media channels via direct-mail postcards. Motivate your customers to quickly respond to your postcard with a time-limited discount code which will allow you to easily track the response rate and return on investment. Nowadays, Emailing Marketing has become a fashionable method of marketing as it is quick and direct, but it is becoming more and more popular to skip by company emails without even a glance. Postcards encourage a more physical engagement with your customers which helps to create a better response. 

4. Sticker Marketing

DOES YOUR BUSINESS STICK OUT? In today’s market it is becoming more and more important to think of new innovative and eye-catching methods of advertising to grab the attention of potential and existing customers. A great way to do this is through Sticker Marketing. Sticker Marketing is a great way to get your logo, web address or social media channels in front of prospective customer, encouraging them to engage and find out more information about your company. The placement of your stickers is vitally important, think it out and make sure your stickers are being seen by your target audience. Get creative! You can even advertise on the go with Vehicle Graphic Stickers.

5. Testimonials

Social Media platforms are a very powerful form of Digital Marketing, and they hold a very influential marketing tool – Customer Feedback. Why not take advantage of online customer reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Yell or community forums. Encourage people to review your company with discount codes or offers, or even enter them in a competition if they leave a review. Reviews are vital to any company and its important there good; remember 1 bad review is equal to 10 good ones. Once you’ve got reviews, Promote Them! As marketers, we fight an uphill battle against customer trust – displaying genuine reviews and reactions to your product or services within your printed campaign will build trust and encourage sales.