How to Choose Your Vehicle Graphics

Written by: Conor Finnegan


Most businesses understand the importance of branding and ensuring that all communications, internet and advertising materials have a set look to them. But often, they forget another asset of the business that can be used for branding and advertising – company vehicles. Adding the right vehicle graphics to your company’s car or van can have a massive benefit. So how do you know what to add and what to leave off the company vehicle?

Why It's Great For Branding

Did you know that depending on where you live, some 3,000 people could see your company vehicle every hour while on the road? For small and medium businesses, that kind of exposure is critical, especially if you run a business that sells to local customers.

By having a well-branded vehicle that uses quality graphics, you are making your business a presence on the road and increasing the chance that people will remember it. And while they may not write down your number or email address while driving, recalling seeing your vehicle on the road can spur them into choosing your business for a job.

Vehicle Graphics on Oil Tank Lorries Outside Building

Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to the actual process of choosing the graphics for your vehicle, it is best to work with an experienced vehicle graphic expert. They will be able to offer advice on what works in their experience as well as handling the application of the graphics. Normally, they will prepare a sketch or graphic of what they suggest putting on the vehicle and you can then see what you think.

With vehicle graphics, sometimes less can be more. You see many very patterned vehicles on the road but these are often from big name companies like Sky who don’t need to create brand recognition. For smaller companies, it can be best to limit how much information you add to the vehicle to allow people a better chance of seeing what is there.

If you have more than one cars, it is also advisable to have them all branded the same. This further reinforces the company image to people on the road as they will see the different vehicles and realise they are all from the same company. If each one is different, then this brand recognition is diluted.

Vehicle Graphics for EC Music School on Mini

Other Surprising Benefits

Surprisingly, there are two other main benefits from having vehicle graphics added to a car or van.

  • The first is that they can help to protect the paintwork of the vehicle and in turn, extend the lifespan of the vehicle. High-quality graphics work as a protective skin on the vehicle and reduce the number of scratches and daily wear damage.
  • The other is that your insurance can actually be less with some companies if your vehicle has graphics on it. Why, you might ask? Because thieves are less likely to steal a van emblazoned with your company logo and information than one that is plain white. Your van will be hard to miss and easy to track while a plain coloured van can blend into the traffic.

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