Top 5 Benefits of Leaflet Printing

Written by: David Elliott


A great way of advertising to many types of people in a visually appealing way is through leaflets and if you are looking for leaflets in Belfast then you are in the right place. While young people are more media savvy and are easily targeted through paid advertising on Instagram and Snapchat stories, older generations still get their information from traditional means of commercial distribution and the younger generation still get what we call in today’s technology driven society an ‘impression’.

Leaflets can have such a wide reach so, it is in your businesses best interests to have an engaging design that targets your ideal customer and might catch the eye of others as well. (Especially if your service or shop targets all audiences). Creating advertisements on physical pieces of paper means you can include a good chunk of information about your product, service or cause, as most leaflets are double sided or even folded into three.

Ruby's Dog Day Care Leaflet

Leaflets are great in that they offer a lot of room for creativity and businesses generally hire Graphic Designers to come up with an attractive way of laying out the information. With A6 being the predominant choice of leaflet sizing due to how easy they are to throw into a bag or a post box without taking up much space, designers need to be careful to ensure the information is readable. 

1. People Trust Printed Material

With fake news and fake media stories circulating the internet more than ever, it’s hard to know which information is real and which is altered or considered ‘clickbait’. Printed pieces of information are known for being more trustworthy. People would simply not go through the effort of creating and printing hundreds of leaflets for the purpose of spreading false information and events.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, there's an enduring trust in printed advertisements that digital mediums often struggle to replicate. Printed ads offer a tactile experience that engages multiple senses, fostering a deeper connection with the audience

Turkington Rectangle Leaflet

2. Build Sustainable Relationships

Unlike advertisements online that get lost among others, leaflets are physical pieces of information that often lay around in a home or a desk for weeks. This way, even if attention isn’t initially caught, there’s a high chance that the leaflet will be stumbled upon again. This also means that you can get a hold of the customer as they can easily find contact information without searching for it online.

This personalized touch helps to establish trust and credibility, as customers appreciate the effort taken to reach out to them directly. Additionally, leaflets often serve as a reference point, with customers keeping them for future use, reinforcing brand awareness and loyalty over time. By consistently delivering relevant and informative content through leaflets, businesses can nurture long-term relationships with their customers, fostering loyalty and advocacy that withstands the test of time. 

Poster, Leaflet and Business Card

3. Eye-catching folding styles

There are so many interesting layouts and styles of leaflets and a very popular style is the ‘folded into three’ which not only looks appealing but is practical. This gives you room for 6 pages of information and is probably the only ad you’ll get away with storing this amount on-and still look good visually. This style is used in promoting menus (and we all have a stash of these laying in a cupboard somewhere at home), shops and various events like local circuses etc. They’re popular simply because they’re convenient for the customer. 

In a competitive marketing landscape, utilizing eye-catching folds on leaflets is a strategic way to differentiate a brand and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Tri Fold Leaflet

4. Key messages made easy to digest

By focusing on the most important information and presenting it in a straightforward manner, leaflets allow recipients to quickly grasp the main idea without feeling overwhelmed. Through strategic use of headlines, bullet points, and concise paragraphs, the key message can be communicated efficiently, guiding readers through the content in a logical progression. 

Additionally, employing visually appealing design elements such as bold fonts, colour contrasts, and strategically placed images can further enhance readability and comprehension. Ultimately, when the key message is presented in a digestible format, it increases the likelihood of the leaflet achieving its intended purpose, whether it's promoting a product, service, or event.

Plan Printing

5. Affordable

You might be surprised but online advertising is a lot more expensive than you might think, and even though quick boosts of posts are not that costly, long-term it  all adds up.  At  Instant Print  , we provide leaflets to businesses, charities and people just like you across Northern Ireland. We offer 500 A6 leaflets for as little as £35 when ordered through the website, while an average Instagram ad is £0.75 per click which with 500 clicks is £375. So reaching 500 people (or more since one leaflet can live in a household or office with more occupants) through  leaflets  requires the small investment of just £35, which when compared to the same Instagram reach for £375 is just a fraction of the cost. Traditional forms of advertising are therefore just over 10x less expensive in the UK based on the example above. If you’d like to join in with traditional advertising through leaflets, you should check us out and get your design printed and delivered! If you’d also like some professional guidance from a Graphic Designer at Instant Print, the option is there for you and is starting at just (£15p/h).

A5 Leaflet