Kids Birthday Foamex Boards

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Our Kids Birthday Foamex Boards are the perfect addition to your Birthday Celebrations! 
Crafted with premium quality material and vibrant colours - our boards give you that extra layer or charm to your festivities. Each board is fully customisable, allowing you to personalise it with your child's name, age and their birthday them!
Simply choose a theme, change your wee ones name and their age and we will do the rest. 

As Simple as 1...2...3:
1. Choose a Theme
2. Change the Birthday Name
3. Change their Age

Foamex Board is a PVC board which is rigid and durable whilst still being lightweight and flexible. Itis a rigid, hard wearing PVC that is compressed and very strong. The board is white in colour, with a matte finish. Full colour laminated vinyl print applied.

Looking for a different size or theme?
Give us a call on 028 3752 4900, to discuss.

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