This is a topic that is very highly disputed, depending on each person's position relative to it.
Here's 3 Reasons Why Print Isn't Dead:

1) Engaged Reading: Many recent studies have shown that people who read printed material are a lot more engaged than those reading material online. When a person is reading a large chunk or text (which generally most educational material is), they want as little distractions as possible so they are able to focus on the chosen reading material. Yes, online material is simple and easy to find, but the reader is only a click away from distractions and other reading material, which makes it that bit harder for readers to fully engage in the material they are reading. With a printed copy, it's just the reader and the paper.

2) Some People Just Prefer Printed Material: The fact of the matter is that some people just plain prefer having material in their hand to read. Whether it's the feel of the paper, or the appreciation of having a tangible, in-hand takeaway, who knows. But there's a lot of people who just want it in print.

3) Print works hand-in-hand with Digital: Printed material does a good job of working with online material, whether it's promoting it or or working with it hand-in-hand. There is some sense of increased credibility that comes with a printed material that people for some reason still doubt with online, because seemingly anyone can produce material online these days.

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We would really love to hear from all of you out there that prefer print over online material, and why is that?