Making Advertising Fun with Different Print Styles

Who says all advertising needs to be online? It’s true that the world of technology is evolving at a high rate in today’s world but that doesn’t mean print advertising is gone! Creating interesting, eye-catching designs and printing them off gives room for lots of creativity. 

Whether you’re looking for new ways of advertising an important event or a new product in your store, print advertising gives you lots of different approaches to doing so. Below are some ways you can use physical prints to get your message across in the most visually attractive way possible. 

A great place to start browsing is at Belfast’s best print shop, where you can find all the below methods of fun advertising. 

Circle Stickers and Labels 

Printing your company's logo onto stickers and using those on bags you give to every customer is an excellent way for people to get to know your business. People love small details and often, keep bags that look fun and quirky-and this way you’ll also be promoting a sustainable way of living. 



Square Business Cards

You’ve definitely heard of or seen rectangle business cards, but have you seen them in squares? It’s a quirkier alternative to the traditional business card layout and looks a little more modernised and different. 


While you wouldn’t advertise a heavy tonne of information using these, you could print off your company logo, or even an event. It’s an easy, very subtle way of advertising and it fits in letterboxes and even your back pocket! People wouldn’t feel like they’re carrying junk, taking a small piece of card. 



If you have something big coming up in your company, or you just want to promote your brand and make sure everyone sees-posters are the way to go. You have the freedom of placing it in specific locations where you’ll target the right people, while also having lots of room to play with placing information in a hierarchy of importance. 


Pop Up Display Banners  

These are great for events, large gatherings and talks. Printing off a self standing banner at a place where people are browsing will make you easily recognisable. You might see these at university gatherings, where future students come to have a look at their various options, picking up leaflets from many IT’s and universities around Ireland. 

They can also be found at car shows like the Donegal Rally in Northern Ireland, where hundreds of car enthusiasts gather every year and advertise garages using Pop up Display banners.

At Instant Print you can get a 2000mm x 850mm banner that uses a unique spring, taking just seconds to set your promotional display up. 


PVC Banners

If you really want to go big, you can order a giant rectangular banner that will not go unseen. You can be assured that everyone within the area will recognise this banner and it might just become a familiar piece of the area.

Getting as many people to familiarise yourself with your company name and brand in general is the key to gaining more customers and what better way to do this than a giant banner. 

Making your business stand out with great designs and fun ways of portraying them will not only raise awareness of your brand, but show you’re putting in the time and effort to advertise yourself. 

With Instant Print, you can hire one of our in-house graphic designers for your print design needs and then all you need to do is order your printing online to make it come to life!